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Upcoming Events & Endeavours


9 days

Join our endeavour and get your hair in the air. 

Release: Flow with breath

9 days

Join our endeavour and get your feet in the seed.

Reconnect: Stand your ground

Walk & talk
coming soon

Join us for a walk on the Belgian Moorlands.

Guides: Elke Willemen & Arno Schurmans


The practice of movement goes beyond moving our physical bodies. It is an awareness of how we move as a whole. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Internal and external. As one and altogether.


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Nourishment is the energy we take in, both directly as indirectly. It is everything we connect and communicate with. The conscious choice is ours to align the things we absorb to the actions we want to express and manifest.



The environment is a space for our being to share our experiences. It creates us, and as we intentionally engage with it, we can learn to create it. Let us go outside, reconnect with the elements so we can reconnect with the inside.

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The Tribe

The path to liberating yourself is one that is enriched when done as an empowering group of individuals. It is transferable fire that sparks ideas and enlightens actions. Our teachers and tribe are here to support you on your journey. 


Join Our Journey


Read our blog for more guidance and experiences involving movement, nourishment and environment. 

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